The Second Coming of Yoon Eun Hye?

Second coming of Yoon Eun Hye? I don't think so. =P

Second coming of Yoon Eun Hye? I don't think so. =P

There hasn’t been much news lately about Yoon Eun Hye. It seems she may be on vacation, since she was last spotted in New York City about 3 weeks ago. But in the meantime there’s been some news about actresses that look like Yoon Eun Hye and some even being called the 2nd coming of YEH. Let’s take a look shall we?

Eun Jung: Similarities to Yoon Eun Hye’s Go Eun Chan

Eun Jung in Coffee House and Yoon Eun Hye in Coffee Prince

Eun Jung in Coffee House and Yoon Eun Hye in Coffee Prince

Eun Jung, leader of T-ara, who is taking on her first acting role in SBS drama Coffee House, stated that being compared to Yoon Eun Hye due to the drama’s title and character is something to feel good about.

Eun Jung plays an innocent character, Kang Seung Yeon, in Coffee House, which premiered on May 17. More importantly, with her short hair and carefree personality, Kang Seung Yeon bears similarity to the character Go Eun Chan from MBC’s hit 2007 drama, Coffee Prince.

Yoon Eun Hye received massive popularity when she acted in a cross-dressing role for Coffee Prince. Yoon Eun Hye was lauded for not only her acting skills, but also for her ability to entertain.

Eun Jung, who recently interviewed with MoneyToday’s Star News, stated:

“It’s natural for people to compare Seung Yeon with Coffee Prince’s Go Eun Chan because it has the word Coffee in the drama title and the characters are similar. Because the story is different, the comparison will slow down as more episodes air, but it makes me feel good just to be compared to her.”

She even asked the reporter an out of the ordinary question, “Do you think Yoon Eun Hye sunbae-nim watches Coffee House?” (Sunbae-nim is a respectful term used to address people who debuted before you or have more professional accomplishments/experience). She ended by saying that the entire staff is working very hard, and that she hopes many will enjoy the show with her.

My opinion
I haven’t watched Coffee House so I can’t really comment on how similar it is to Coffee Prince. But it’s hard for me to believe that anything that tries to emulate Coffee Prince or Go Eun Chan can actually surpass the original. Coffee Prince is one of a kind!

Jung So Min: The Second Coming of Yoon Eun Hye?

Jung So Min's resemblance to Yoon Eun Hye

Jung So Min's resemblance to Yoon Eun Hye

Jung So Min, who plays the role of Hong Mo Ne in SBS drama Bad Guy, is receiving attention from the viewers with her acting skills. Her voice and her looks are also similar to Yoon Eun Hye, and she has earned the nickname of the “2nd Coming of Yoon Eun Hye.”

Regarding her natural acting, the viewers commented, “Is she really a new actress?”, “She doesn’t seem like she’s had any plastic surgery done.”, “Perhaps it’s because she is from the Korea School of Arts. but her vocalization and face expression acting skills are superb.” and etc.

The viewers continued that Jung So Min’s natural, non plastic surgery face reminded them of Yoon Eun Hye and showed their interest in her by calling her the “2nd Coming of Yoon Eun Hye.”

My Opinion
Jung So Min does have a striking resemblance to Yoon Eun Hye. In particular her lips are practically identical to YEH and she even has those 2 rabbit teeth in front. YEH has more prominent cheek bones and a meatier nose. So yes, she does look a lot like YEH but whether she can match YEH’s professional success has yet to be seen.

Follow-up Story on Jung So Min →

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  1. Avatar Image

    Thank you for this News. It is to me heart warming validation of my admiration for such a great actress, rightfully I rather call her a TRUE ARTIST. Miss Yoon Eun Hye definitely is respected by her peers and the industry she belongs to. Her persona and image to be considered as worth emulating for new actresses’ image and roles played, this is truly an artist’s pure joy of achievement. Producers and star makers in Korea maybe conservative in their praise for Miss Yoon Eun Hye but the application of her “brand formula” is very apparent in the drama story lines, the packaging of the actress playing certain roles akin to Miss Yoon Eun Hye’s roles are hard to ignore! Congratulations Miss Yoon Eun Hye! And Congratulations to us YEH warriors – we chose the very best –Miss Yoon Eun Hye!
    Thank you Fresh02 and CDBloom!

    • Avatar Image

      Hi YEH fan~^^

      Thanks but I believe Fresh02 did most of the work~!!
      I agree with u..
      Depending on one’s taste there may be various KDramas that may be more enjoyable,
      But CP’s impact on Korea’s entertainment business, social and economic influence in absolutely amazing. I am still surprised by it. I remember just about all the girls I knew lined up to cut their hair short and barista schools opened up in numbers~!!
      Coffee books also sold in massive numbers at book stores as well..
      And with CP cafes opening up, I’d have to say that CP may be the most influential KDrams ever… There are many popular and enjoyable KDramas…perhaps even more talked about…
      But I agree that CP basically created a new business model for the KEntertainment with it’s influence..Amazing…

      • Avatar Image

        Wow! Miss Yoon Eun Hye referred to as a trendsetter is then an understatement. The influence of her effective drama portrayal affected a society’s lifestyle. In our country (Phiippines) she will be described as phenomenal!
        Again thank you for sharing the information.

  2. Avatar Image

    for me…i agree with the first opinion that coffee prince is one of a kind…!! and the excellent acting of miss yoon eun hye as go eun chan..!!

    for the second opinion…i would say that i agree with it that there’s a little similarities between the two of them, but still miss yoon eun hye is more beautiful…!!♥

    lastly, the original still remains original, and that is miss yeh…!!

    by the way, a big thank you for CDBloom for sharing this article..!!! =)

    • Avatar Image

      It was very nice to see..
      all of the actors were completely in the zone..They really hit it, didn’t they?
      supurb directing job…
      great OST..
      great architecture and shooting sites…
      great job on the entire project team…

  3. Avatar Image

    OMG !! EH go to in NewYork ^^! Thanks U for this new ^^~

  4. julieng June 1, 2010

    It seems that anything about coffee we will see YEH name or the comparison between actress with YEH. But no one can dupt out YEH. I am hoping she be in It Start with a Kiss, the director was same in Goong, another romcom for her please. Sorry subject not related!

    • Avatar Image

      Hi julieng..

      Is that what it is?
      I saw a news and it said that PD Hwang In Rye (Princess Hours) is coming back with a Japanese manga, “playful Kiss” story. I didn’t know “Playful Kiss,” a Japanese Manga they were talking about is ISWAK…Wow..

      It’s interesting that PD Hwang has reconciled with the agency of Princess Hours, group8..
      I think Group8 would probably want their own actress to star in the Korean version of ISWAK…
      But if somehow Group8 is willing to reconcile and use YEH with the help of PD Hwang, then it may be possible. What’s more interesting is that if they have YEH star in ISWAK, I think they will eventually pursue Princess Hours season 2 again…Princess Hours season 2 will definitely be in play again if they can have YEH join them in ISWAK as there’s still a market for it..

      • Guest June 8, 2010

        hmm… well it has been a long time since “Princess Hours”.
        A second season could be interesting but i would prefer seeing her in a new role. To bad that she didn´t appear in “Personal Preference” as lead. Im very curious how the drama would have been with her.

      • Avatar Image

        Me too..I hope it really happens ..

  5. Avatar Image

    I also agree with the first opinion!!
    no one can surpass the original..and i think no one can be as great as YEH!!
    ..Eun Jung can’t be the second coming of YEH!!

  6. kirstie June 1, 2010

    ahh yea she is in NYC after all?!
    i saw her at mitsuwa in NJ!! i got her autograph too!!
    i love her~YEH<3

    • chingoo June 1, 2010

      Kirstie, you met her?? Oh my… consider yourself lucky.. it’s been my dream to met her face to face…

      what was she doing in NYC?? by the way, kirstie… it would be great if you can share your moment with YEH..

      it would be greater for us who admire her without being able to met her in person to hear those amazing experience from someone who does…

      really hope you can share the ‘moments’ with us here.. thank you in advance my dear kirstie.. ^_^

    • Avatar Image

      Hi kirstie, very cool that you got to meet YEH! How long ago was this?

      Would you care to describe your experience here or in the forums?

  7. julieng June 1, 2010

    @Hi, CDBloom, Somehow I don’t think YEH will takes this ISWAK role anyway, I think she will try out melo drama. I read about new drama Comrade….with actor PYH(he in Loving You) and the PD same MFL. Don’t hope for PH 2 anyway, which was my favorited drama, if they do, not going to be same casts anyway. JJH in army and YEH moved on. So if both dramas offer to her hopefully she will accepts ISWAK, the more kisses the merrier ( I sound like pervert) instead love story Comrade with PYH (not handsome) because she is queen of rom com for me. WTH take any roles for now, we missing her already LOL..

    • Avatar Image

      I think you are right…
      Somehow I don’t think she’d do such a project at this stage of her career either~^^

    • santaiah June 3, 2010

      I know that some of YEH fans always like her to do romcom for her next project but I think it’s time for her to step out from her comfort zone for the sake of her acting improvement. For me YEH isn’t just a romcom princess but a talented actress. She’s not just good at romcom but in other genre too. So I will be glad if the rumor about her casting in melodrama “Comrades : almost a love story” is true. A great challenge for her.

      • Avatar Image

        Hmm I don’t think YEH has been staying in her “comfort zone” for doing 4 rom/com in a row. With her decision to do My Fair Lady proved she made a risky move to do that project when everyone told her to take on other genres.

        Though all her past 4 dramas are in Rom/Com genre, all of them are very different in the plot, the story line and especially all her 4 characters are very different as well.
        I watched Goong first, then Coffee Prince, so I can see her improvement as an actress.
        But I agree, public in general want to see her in other genre and so do I ^^

        I miss her so much I think I’d be happy whatever role in whatever drama she’s gonna play next :P

  8. danielle lee June 2, 2010

    i was browsing through some news, im not really a super fanatic of yoon eun hye but i do think she’s well respected and that’s really great… just one question though, why is she gaining weight?nothing’s wrong with that, just a little curious because i’ve read that she’s married to KJK and that they have a family in the US… KJK was in a game i think with his close friend in a TV show and he had to stop the conversation because it was getting too personal…

    • Avatar Image

      LOL Danielle Lee

      Yoon Eunhye is still single and she didn’t get married to KJK. That part of conversation was just for the sake of the game show. His friend teased us with their past scandal so he would give up (and he did) As far as we know, they are just friends.

      Anyway, I’m not sure if she has gained weight recently but I think she’s the type that gain and lose weight easily ^^;

      • danielle lee June 2, 2010

        i was a little curious based from her recent shoots and interviews, she seemed to have gained a little weight, maybe for her next drama lol. anyway, i wasn’t into korean dramas before but after seeing her, i was amazed at how they make films and scenes…

  9. julieng June 2, 2010

    @DLee her face always round since BabyVox , but in Coffee Prince first several episodes her face skinny, but some last episodes required eating so much she gainned weighs, same thing as MFL beginning her face was pointy, then boom all the stresses really showed on her face later episodes. She even admitted her face was easy to get round in one interviewed. for some people (like me) stress can make your face feel bloated. Anyway she also has perni. anemia in her. Try to watch Goong, Coffee Prince, MFL, Vineyard or old Xman, you will love her for sure.

    • danielle June 3, 2010

      is there any way i could shake her hands and just say nothing… lol… i dont know how to find her… anyway, maybe sometime in the future i can visit korea… hell, how can i understand or communicate there

  10. Avatar Image

    so…. she’s on vocation now! That’s good to hear that. Hope she enjoyed it and comeback with new project soon… I really miss her–

  11. KAMILA CRESPO June 4, 2010

    think that Yoon Eun Hye is unique and irreplaceable, no doubt the talent of the girl (EUN JUNG? = S) BUT EUN HYE IS MUCH BETTER AND I LOVE YOU PLEASE COME TO LATIN AMERICA!

  12. Avatar Image

    Thank you for the translation.
    I didn’t be here that often because I have a hard time when I entered the first page.

    Everything about cross dress and coffee will always be compare to YEH. hehe^^
    But for me, YEH is the first girl that got me hock to be fanclub.
    So she’ll always the best for me, no offend to others’ fans. XD

  13. Avatar Image

    i’ve watched the sbs drama YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL and the lead actress PARK SHIN HYE also kinda reminds me of YOON EUN HYE when she was GO EUN CHAN on COFFEE PRINCE.

  14. Guest June 8, 2010

    Kind of sad seeing other actresses trying to fake or take our Go Eun Chan place. ;(

    Well but the one acting in “Coffee House” seems to me more like the one from the drama “You´re beautiful”. Fortunately both roles are good but not good enough. The storylines and characters are also different from “Coffee Prince”. The two actresses from “Coffee House” and “You´re beautiful” they had both a kind of naive and dumb character. In the beginning it´s nice and fun to see but it annoys the more the drama goes on. I liked YEH playing the strong cherrish yet fragile girl. Furthermore i like her beautiful voice. I don´t think anybody can take her place or surpass her. I hope to see her again in some drama.

    YEH please come back and don´t be afraid of critics.
    Remember, you have a lot of fans who love your acting.

  15. Avatar Image

    Jung so min was also casted in playful kiss right?? but I think it didn’t worked out well… She really looks like YEH especially on the lips side actually..

  16. Avatar Image

    Just one yoon eun-hye in this world. I really hate if yoon eun-hye confused with another artist, let alone until the artist that managed to get the term simply because of his almost the same as yoon eun-hye.

  17. Avatar Image

    well it seems that yoon hye is really that great that they wanted to look like her!! there’s only one yoon eun hye and she will only be the one!! she’s beautiful, sexy ,ooziing with sex appeal!! great actress, good singer and gorgeous model what more can you ask for?? to all look alike stand and tell the world if you have all that qualities and then you deserve to be look like her!!

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