Yoon Eun Hye and ‘Lie to Me’ are Very Popular Internationally, Drama Already Sold to 8 Countries

Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan star in the internationally popular drama 'Lie to Me'

Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan star in the internationally popular drama 'Lie to Me'

While ‘Lie to Me’ is coming to an imminent end, the drama starring Hallyu stars Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan is coming to TV stations across the world. ‘Lie to Me’ is currently enjoying a very high level of popularity internationally with very active online fan communities and millions of views on streaming sites.

‘Lie to Me’ is receiving an incredible amount of attention on major Chinese video sites like Tudou and Youku, where it is consistently ranked #1 in views. ‘Lie to Me’ is also attracting so many viewers that it is ranked #1 on Mysoju week in and week out.

The production company for ‘Lie To Me’, Verdi Media stated:

“We were surprised by the explosive interest from international fans. All the actors and staff members are energized from the support and responses given by both domestic and international fans. We thank them for such interest.”

International fans are clearly giving ‘Lie to Me’ a lot of love, which is why broadcast rights for the drama has already been sold to 8 countries including Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. European countries are also viewing the drama favorably.

‘Lie to Me’ is garnering high interest in Japan, as fans there absolutely love Yoon Eun Hye. As Japan is getting ready for ‘Lie To Me’, Japan’s LalaTV is currently airing ‘My Fair Lady’ and Korea’s KBS World TV in Japan is currently airing the ‘The Vineyard Man’. Japan’s TBS Station has announced that they will be airing ‘My Fair Lady’ in July, and follow it up with ‘Lie To Me’ in August.

Last summer, Japan’s Fuji TV had performed the ‘Hallyu Alpha’ survey to broadcast the 5 most requested Korean dramas in Japan, and ‘Goong’ was the most requested drama. Both ‘Goong’ and ‘Coffee Prince’ made it into the top 5 and were aired to much success last summer. This year, Fuji TV has just finished re-airing ‘Coffee Prince’ and they’ve started re-airing ‘Goong’ on June 23rd.

The Japanese fans simply can’t get enough of Yoon Eun Hye!

The last 2 episodes of ‘Lie to Me’ will air in Korea on June 27 & 28 at 9:55pm KST on SBS. Meanwhile, don’t forget to vote for Yoon Eun Hye everyday for the Mnet 20′s Choice Awards!

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Sources: EGN, Artsnews, Star Money Today, WhiteRose@DCUNE



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  1. Avatar Image

    whoah!LTM is really daebak!We really love YEH and KJH so happy coz philippines is included!!

  2. Avatar Image

    Reading such good news on a Sunday morning really makes my heart so happy!!!
    2 episodes left and still I know some are still asking for more episodes kekeke!!! Including me ^__^

    So much LOVE for the Ah-Ki couple!!!
    Lie To Me will make good memories to us and to other 8 countries as well…

    Congratulations to the success of LTM and to the lead stars YEH & KJH!

  3. Avatar Image

    You Lie To Me for my country has acquired the copyright in a broadcast makes me very happy. Many thanks for this welcome news. I look forward to my local Lie To Me, I’m not really sure, then you are welcome to Thailand Lie To Me. O_o

  4. Avatar Image

    “The Japanese fans simply can’t get enough of Yoon Eun Hye!”

    Since YEH is so popular in Japan, I still wonder why she didn’t take any project there. I’m sure Japanese PD or production co. have already gave her many offers. And what about her plan to release an album there ? Is it just another rumor ???
    Thanks so much for the article Fresh02 & CDBloom, although I’m a little sad that Indonesia didn’t buy LTM right. Maybe later :(

  5. Avatar Image

    kyaa !! so excited !!
    it will be aired in my country ;)
    just hoping for the best ;)

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    it’s good news that in my home country which is Philippines will be airing Lie To Me, which TV network will it be? I’ll txt my sister if their company got the rights of it. I am so happy….We Filipino’s love Korean drama, specially when it is dubbed in our own language, many can relate to it.

  7. Avatar Image

    So sad that LTM will end this coming week :-( … I hope YEH will have an upcoming new project.

  8. Avatar Image

    yay…more people around the world who love yeh and lie to me….<3<3<3

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    Whoa!!!Such a great news knowing that it will going to air in my country!!!so excited!!!I have been watching through Mysoju.com,EPDrama.com&Youtube..& so proud to say that Lie to me gets the #1 spot for most view/like drama in mysoju also in epdrama!!!:D so proud & happy for YEH!!!

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    i hope in philippines, so sad that LTM will end this coming monday….. whats the next project of yeh?

  11. Avatar Image

    Lie To Me is a DAEBAK!!!!
    Happy that it will be aired here in my beloved Philippines :D

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    We had Princess Hours – Goong in Turkey in our national TV few years ago. And Turks loved the drama. I wish a Turkish channel buy the rights of Lie To Me and more people get to know YEH…

  13. Avatar Image

    go go go YEH, you deserve all the praises you get coz you work hard and really a very good actress no matter what role is thrown your way, you do justice to all of them. so excited to watch LTM finale and hope ABS-CBN (Philippines) gets the right to air your fabulous drama.

    love love love Yoon Eun Hye!!

  14. Avatar Image

    hahaha ! Yoon Eun Hye’s very loved by foreign fans :) )
    i’m so happy for the producers and for the actors ! Great job Guys !
    — can’t wait it to be aired here in the Philippines :)

  15. Avatar Image

    im so happy when i heard this news!
    finally, i can’t wait to watch Lie To Me on Tv :) )
    im sooooooo excited!!
    im from Philippines ^^

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    LTM, welcome to the Philippines!

  17. Avatar Image

    I really love lie to me!! it’s complete there’s comedy, drama and a lot of romance!! yoon eun hye is so beautiful best dresser and I like the way she walks it’s sexy!! even though i’m already ahjumma!! I’m one of her fans here in the philippines!! hope she could come up with another drama soon!!

  18. Avatar Image


    YEH and KJH has the sexiest tandem ever!!!

  19. Avatar Image

    woooooooooooooooooooow ilove you very much when i watch coffe prince iam from egypt and iwant to come korea too see you

  20. Avatar Image

    when you visit to indonesia………………??????
    unni…. i hope you came in here… luv u so…^^

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