Yoon Eun Hye Returns with New Drama ‘Love Song’

Yoon Eun Hye and Park Yong Ha to star in Love Song

Yoon Eun Hye and Park Yong Ha to star in Love Song

Yoon Eun Hye will be returning to television with new drama, Love Song! She will be playing the female lead alongside Park Yong Ha in the drama version of the Hong Kong movie Tian Mi Mi.

Yoon Eun Hye will play Yoo Chae Hwa, an energetic young woman who returns to Korea from China. She at times lies to others, but deep inside, she is a very innocent woman who cannot forget her one true love.

According to sources, Yoon Eun Hye choose this project because she found the script and synopsis emotional and heart-moving, evoking the same feelings she felt when watching the original movie.

Yoon Eun Hye said that she will act in this project, hoping that it will become a big present not only for Koreans, but for all the fans in Asia.

According to the production team, Yoon Eun Hye’s success in Goong, Coffee Prince, and My Fair Lady in Japan and other international markets has caused a stampede for the purchase of broadcast rights for the drama since her involvement was officially announced.

In Japan, there is much anticipation for the drama since Yoon Eun Hye and Park Yong Ha are big hallyu stars and they will be teaming up with writer Oh Soo Yun of Winter Sonata and Autum In My Heart. The director is Ji Young Soo, who directed Oh! Pil Seung And Bong Soon Young and Yoon Eun Hye’s last drama, My Fair Lady.

The production team added that they are currently negotiating with companies in 11 Asian countries for the rights to broadcast Love Song. Outside of Asia, there is also demand in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. US studio Warner Bros. has expressed interest in buying the US broadcast rights for Love Song.

Love Song will start filming in August and air later in the year.

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  1. Avatar Image

    i’m so HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    as in wow!
    i’m so happy for Yoon Eun Hye….
    i really can’t explain what i’m feeling right now…
    i’m so excited and can’t wait for this new drama…
    this will definitely b a succesful drama of hers…
    more power to you..
    and have a safe shooting….
    aja! aja! fighting!!! ^________________^

  2. Avatar Image

    Omo!Omo! Is this so true? ? ? (Still cant rec0ver fr0m sh0ckness) . .Kekekeke. . This time its melodrama. . We will see a more crying Yoon Eunhye. . Aisssh. .honestly, i really dont want to see her crying coz i easily get carried away when she cries. When she had a sad scene, i feel so sad too. . And its really stressful. . Thats how c0nvincing her acting is.
    But anyway, I’m very excited and cant wait to see her again back in a drama. . Although a bit sad coz my biggest wish was still not granted. . to see Gong Yoo oppa and Eun hye unnie be pair again in a drama this year. . Still, PYH and YEH can surely create a good chemistry.

  3. tina s June 28, 2010

    Finally…. able to YEH in action again. Dun noe about the male lead, but with writer and PD and YEH…. gosh so awesome

  4. Avatar Image

    oh oh….I am so happy to see this news…. I, now, will see her again on big screen, no, the very big ever for this time. Her appearance in this drama does bring attention to everyone, asia, europe, u.s… wow, I can’t believe this. I’m shocking…. I think i need to calm myself down abit until the day of filming and airing…..
    I really miss her dearly, and now she’s back with another big and special project…..too excited right now….

  5. wow,,,finally!!!!!!im gonna love this……

  6. Avatar Image

    yayyyy…. goosebumps ^^
    miss YEH… it’s a big surprise.. we’re finally watch you again on small screen
    so happy with it

  7. Reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy??? my EH.. and PYA.. hahahahha..

  8. anniezeun June 29, 2010

    i love yeh acting.i love her attitude.i love her voice.i love her body.i love her skin.i love her fashion. I LOVE ALL ABOUT YOON EUN HYE…
    Keep spirit lady…… :)

  9. Avatar Image

    yeeeee….i can’t hardly waiiit!!!!!!! YEH we love uuuuuu….I hope the drama will be in the top hit rating…

  10. jengkoi June 29, 2010

    YeeeeHAAAAA! At last! After Fair Lady, its been sooo long waited for YEH drama. Only cameo on Personal Taste, not my taste.
    I know my hope is nothing better than coffee prince(to high?), but who knows? i also like to see how she’s going to be pair with A man’s story hero, Park Yong Ha. That was astounding drama too.
    It is sure to be top hit, hopefully much much better than MFL…

  11. at last….a new drama for eun hye…
    i’ve been waiting it for so long
    happy for her!!!!!!
    yeh fighting

  12. eun ae June 30, 2010

    wow!!!… this is so GOooodddd news!!!!!…

  13. darksyd666 June 30, 2010

    too bad park yong ha had died. condolence

  14. Avatar Image

    it cannot be expressed by words how excited i was when i learned that YEH is going to paly the female lead in the drama,love song. i cannot wait for EH’ new drama. i like every drama starred by YEH. come on…i will support you forever. i am looking forward to your outstanding performance. And hope you will have growing number excellent drama. and i like you voice too. but your singing in tik tok is only 15 seconds. by the way, your performance in CASS CF is so excellent.

  15. Avatar Image

    Congrats!!! Nobody really turns a good person down. Opposite the intrigues and the controversies, yet she is being blessed. Again, congratulation and we are looking forward to really seeing you again in another drama. God bless you always.

    By the way, I just l learned that his supposed to be leading man in her upcoming drama Love Song just passed away. It is really sad, why some people in the entertainment seem to find suicide the only solution to their problem. Condolence to his family, and to YEH, she won’t get affected and the production finds a suitable replacement for her leading man. Go!! YEH, we love you always, so keep going and always put God in your heart.

  16. Avatar Image

    waaaaaaa…..can’t help to start watching it….
    i love YEH’s doing drama again….

  17. Avatar Image

    I was not worried that the show maybe cancel because of the fact that as soon as they heard YEH was cast 11 countries were in a rush to get on the band wagon. Its very obvious the male lead will be cast because of the demise of Park Yong Ha.Its really very hard and a sad situation but as life goes on so with a good project must go on. We cant ignore that fact. So who can replace Park Yong Ha? Thats a million dollar question. If we are going to base our choice on some kind of popularity in Japan then maybe Bae Yong Joon of Winter Sonata fame is a good choice. Some might say the age gap but I dont think it should make a difference. If he can make charismatic actin with Yoon Eun Hyeg, if they can make good connection with their characters then why not.. What we are looking forward to is the come back of another good storyline, a show that will make our hearts dream of a true love. So why not Bae Yong Joon.

    • Avatar Image

      I totally agree….why not Bae Yong Joon oppa^_^…he’s such a great actor…he can portray the role well…and besides, eun hye and yonsama (yong joon) look great together!…it’s not obvious that yong joon is almost 12 years senior to eun hye,he looks so handsome and young! ^_^

  18. Avatar Image

    i always wait u’r action…..
    princess hours, coffee prince, and my fair lady (my fave drama)…. next love song?
    so cute of u…
    love you yoon eun hye….

  19. Avatar Image

    im so happy for you eun hye yoon! saranghe! i hope i well see u in personal heheheheh

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