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    Violation of this policy will result in a permanent ban without warning.

    Website Reference
    This site is YOONEUNHYE.NET, not! We understand it's convenient to abbreviate but people who have never visited this site will think is the actual site when it's not.

    Other Forums
    We don't mind people reposting our content as long as you include a link back to this site. We prefer if you link back to the source page on this site.

    Run Your Own Site/Blog?
    You can not repost our articles. You can repost a short excerpt or link to us but you may not repost our content verbatim.

    Facebook, Twitter, etc.
    Yes, you can share on popular social networking sites! Use the Share/Save button to share articles on Facebook, Twitter, and many other sites. You don't need permission for this. We only have an issue when people copy ENTIRE articles with no credits.

    Do not submit ANY content from to Allkpop or similar sites as tips. These sites often do not properly credit their sources.

    Content Licensing
    Articles from are original content (unless stated otherwise) and considered intellectual property. As such, they are protected by copyright and in particular, the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA). Violation of this policy will result in DMCA takedown notices to your web hosting provider, Facebook, Twitter, or whichever website where you are reposting our content.

    All original content is licensed under a Creative Commons License, permitting non-commercial sharing with attribution.

    See license terms:

    Creative Commons - Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported

    This is actually a pretty lenient policy so please don't abuse it. This site is run by volunteers and it is not nice to take advantage of other people's work. We actually encourage sharing, but it needs to be properly credited and you can't pass off our content as your own.

    The more we see people violating this policy, the less motivation there is to continue maintaining this site. Why continue spending time on this when people just steal the work?

    Please follow the Forum Rules and Content Usage Policy, thank you!
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    I hope those people will see this and follow... they should be shamed to what they've done. You guys work very hard for this and your works should be protected.
    Hope everything will be fine....Fighting!!! :lol:

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    I don't want to make a big fuss about it, I just want people not to steal our work.

    Recently a member, mycutefairlady, was banned because she was copying our content without credits and posting it on her facebook page ( - now deactivated).

    Not only that, she started out pretending to be YEH. People thought the real YEH was involved and the page was presented as YEH's official Facebook fanclub. None of that is true. The page built quite a large following on the back of this lie and our stolen content.

    In the end, she did apologize and close her page, but we (admin team) all agreed this behavior is not acceptable for a member of this site and a supposed fan of YEH.

    Please follow the Forum Rules and Content Usage Policy, thank you!
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    Not only Mycutefairlady did deactivate her Facebook account. The one who runs also deactivate hers. This is definitely good news for the innocent fans out there who used to fall for these fraudsters.

    As Fresh02 said, we do not mind sharing at all. We just do not like to see our hard works being tagged as someone else's. All the things we have done to this fansite, to Yoon Eun Hye and her fans are all voluntarily free. All we ask is giving us credit where credits are due.

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    Note that there is now an addition to the policy:

    Fresh02 said:
    Do not submit ANY content from to Allkpop or similar sites as tips. These sites often don't properly credit their sources.

    I also want to bring attention to the fact that you can and will be permanently banned if you violate this policy.

    If you like this site, all we ask is that you respect the hard work of all the volunteers and contributors here and adhere to this policy. That is all.

    Please follow the Forum Rules and Content Usage Policy, thank you!
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    Reminder to all new warriors here, please read the 'Content Usage Policy'

    Sorry guys about this but some facebook users (Maybe some of them just registered here recently) made their own Yoon Eun Hye FB Fan Page. And as I can see, mostly, some of their posts were copied from here without including the source/page links especially Yoon Eun Hye's english translated tweets and CDBloom's translated articles. And their members even thanking them. I just felt bad that the hardworks of our admins and contributors were being tagged to someone else. Please do something admins. Thanks!

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