[DONATION] " I MISS YOU " Lunch Event for YEH


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    Neri Fans Club will hold a nice lunch event for I Miss You casts n crews...they need our supports for this event =)

    For those who want to donate for this event please make payment to paypal account https://www.paypal.com
    click to send money menu / type the email "neri1003@hanmail.net" and go on as it informed.

    Once again, Neri really appreciates your effort to support YoonEunHye.. She knows you guys are always out there and support her with your true hearts.. Thanks so much for your support! =)

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    ok I will .. thanks a lot for the information ...

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    Just sent my donation yesterday through bank remittance. Hoping the lunch event will be a great success.

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    Hi everyone, I was contacted by Neri regarding this and they say they will put our logo on a banner along with other fanclubs if we help contribute.

    They sent me bank details as usual but I'm inquiring if we can have people send donations to them directly since they now have a PayPal account. I already collect donations from our members through PayPal so this makes sense and they would get an extra $30 since I wouldn't have to pay the bank wire transfer fee.

    So what I'm thinking is if you're a member and want to help represent us, when you send money in PayPal, in the notes/comment section, just mention that you're from yooneunhye.net. You don't have to, but it shows to them we have a strong unified group here supporting her.

    Thanks! I hope everyone can help contribute and help Neri make a good showing for YEH.

    P.S. Thanks chichocs for posting this but I might have to take over the top post later.

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    Chichocs or Fresh02 is there a link to use credit cards (like how the donation page here works)? Because of past problems with Paypal I cannot connect it with my bank account, so I cannot have a paypal account anymore.

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    Log into PayPal and choose send money. Enter "neri1003@hanmail.net", also select Gift under the Personal tab so there are less fees (it actually lets you choose if you want to pay the fees too). The next screen should be a review screen and under Payment Method, click Change to choose a credit card.

    The biggest difference here is that Neri doesn't provide a donate link so you actually need a PayPal account to initiate a transaction. The donate links I provided in the past allow you to send money without having a PayPal account. I forgot about this.

    If people have a credit card but can't or don't want to create a PayPal account I'll still take donations. I'll have more information up soon and put up a PayPal button for this donation drive.

    You can now use this button to donate via credit card if you don't have a PayPal account:

    [ Donation event is over - button removed. ]

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    Chichocs & Fresh02 thanks for the information I would like to donate too but have problems with my Paypal acct. I will try again tonight if I can make a donation.

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    Yoon Eun Hye Love

    Im a new found Yoon Eun Hye fan! I love her sooooo much!!!! :lol:

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    geez.I really hope I could help you guys, financially... I'm still a student and got nothing but my allowance. I'd do share when I get a job. For now, I could just share this to people who have the ability to help in making the event a success...Take care co-warriors! Fighting!

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    keke i just donated a small contribute with the donate button you provided...sorry this is actually my first time and i was always hesitant when using my card cuz i rarely step outside of amazon and itunes lol...fighting for the lunch event...im looking forward to this drama^^

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    has there been any update with this lunch event? like when is it?

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    There's no set date yet but the lunch event is likely to be early December and they would like donations to come in before November 30.

    P.S. I've received a handful of donations, I'll get back to everyone soon with confirmation but just know I've received them.

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    Okay well it appears the lunch event is happening today, earlier than previously stated, so I'm sending through the donations I've collected so far via PayPal. After PayPal fees, I'm sending through a total of $510 USD (rounded it out with my donation). Hopefully there are other members that donated directly to Neri.

    I've sent out confirmation to everyone that donated through Yooneunhye.net. I sent it to the email address listed in the PayPal transaction details.

    Please note we are no longer taking donations for this event.

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    here YEH signed for fans at the Dinner Event

    she wrote "Please give lots of love to Soo Yeon of "Missing You"!"

    she included YoonEunHye.net,YEH soompi thread n Hallyu YEH @youtube

    thanks Fresh n all warriors for the support...u guys so awesome =D

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    is there gonna be any pic from the event *have it already been held^^...i remember lie to me there were coco cola and anyways im looking forward to it<3

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