I Miss You [MBC 2012]


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    "I Miss You" (보고싶다) is a MBC drama airing Wednesdays and Thursdays, starting on November 7, 2012. The drama stars Yoon Eun Hye and Park Yoochun.

    Now that the drama is starting, please use this thread for drama discussions, clips, general news about the drama, etc.

    For downloads, streaming, OST, etc. please use the other thread to avoid cluttering this one:

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    teasers and poster shoots with english subtitles

    [6 Min. 'Missing You' teaser]

    [2nd 'Missing You' teaser]

    Yoon Eun Hye's poster photoshoot talking about her character in Missing You

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    wow! this is good news. I can't wait to see our dear Hye's latest drama on Philippine TV.

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    omfg watching the previews...im :cry: so much...im looking forward to yeh/yoochun drama...i was never really the one to watch the beginning *usually just skim through it cuz of all the history but omfg those two kids makes it so interesting...i cant wait i cant wait...so excitied and yong seung ho, omg how much he has grown when i saw him last in sad love song^^

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    I cried a lot today after watching the first episode.

    Episode 2 Preview

    At the end of the preview you can see Yoochun waiting for Yoon Eun Hye (Lee SooYeon) at the steps saying:

    i'll only wait today....i'll only wait today....I think I'm going to go crazy (living) like this

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    My goodness! YEH looks so vulnerable and frail in these teaser/trailers. She really becomes the character in her dramas -- and of course her ability to bring out great chemistry with her co-stars is a given! I'll watch this show, just worried that I'll end up crying buckets and buckets of tears. I hope it isn't all melo and has at least some bright happy scenes.

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    Thank you so much for uploading.

    Managed to watch the 2episodes. Falling head over heals with the story and the acting.Especially the younger HJW.
    I can't get my head off the story and so curious about what is gonna happen next with all the kids 15 years later everyone...Calming myself and waiting for Wed + Thursday.

    Sure the adult casts PYC,YEH and YSH will unfold the story very well....hoping HJW is not dying too, saw him on the floor at a shelter during ep 1...fingure cross.

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    Wow...it was amazing,i hope the writer maintain that quality of a story....so true it was so heart warming,i really cried a lot and its still in the first episode. As what i have remembered i have also had the same feeling as i watched shining inheritance and cinderella sister before but my crying session started only after i watched it's 2nd or 3rd episode. I also admire the young teens who plays their young version,yeo jin goo really had a bright future ahead of him....so much talent,i have notice it when i saw iljimae before playing the young lee jun ki. And kim so hyun surprise me with her acting,i only got to see her in moon embracing and rooftop but she plays antagonist there so i havent notice her that much but in I Miss You she really did so well,i thought at first she's like funny coz she looks like in the 'ring' movie kinda thing but she has this inner warm that will make you like her and appreciate the role that she portrays so well.....very nice drama,i love it =D

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    good for you warriors you've started this new drama of our dear Hye. I'm in the Philippines, guess we still have to wait like a year to be able to watch it on our TV screen. :cry: :worried:

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    Hi! LanaRC
    I watched IMY from http://www.dailymotion.com posted by "natu" in the other thread (IMY - episode, streaming, down......).
    You can watch 2 episodes now.
    I did't understand what they said because there were no eng. sub.
    Anyway l'll still keep watching for YEH to appear in the drama.
    You can try.
    Thanks to "natu"

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    Hi ImissYEH. Thanks for the info. Much appreciated. Guess what! Just finished watching the two episodes with English sub. Thanks to epdrama.com. I felt so relived that there was no need for me to wait a year...hehehe...I am so happy. Though i wonder how many box of tissue i need to bring every time I'm going to watch this drama. This is truly a tearjerker drama. Loving it! I soo love the girl who's playing the young Hye. I can't wait to wact for the next eps.

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    Hi, you can watch I Miss You with English subtitles at Drama Crazy. Episodes 1 & 2 are both available

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    Episode 3 Preview

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    Interesting, that last video is of them taking pictures for a promo poster. Incredibly dark mood they seem to be trying to achieve. The clothing is all dark and monotone and the walls are gray and bleak. You can bet this is going to be a very bitter and teary show.

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    I've watched episode 3 of Missing You... It is so heartbreaking. The actors are so great.

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    Episode 4 Preview

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    Episode 5 Preview


    Let's welcome back our favorite lady, YEH to the small screen. FINALLY!

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    Thank you.I'm now fully anticipated in ep.5 next week.

    Totally got
    -why yeh had visited the scence at LSY was lying down
    -why she can cry while taking picture
    -why PYC looks so serious compared to all his previous drama.
    -why it emerging YEH,PYC n LSH are so perfect for their role.

    They are so into characters and so can not wait to watch how the lovestory be carried out :roll:

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    This is really a nice series..YEH is rally good actress..hope she got awards for this..God bless! =)

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    love this drama so far. can't wait for YEH's appearance next week!
    and not to mention we have "Road for Hope" for a start this Sat! yeah~

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