Lie To Me in the Philippines

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    ...still there's no confirmation about the airing..hope this will shown in telebabad..haha also excited to see a lie to me billboard in front of gma..coz most of the new drama and upcoming drama has a bigbig billboard in freakin' excited.. :lol:

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    YOON EUN HYE and KANG JI HWAN have amazing on screen chemistry, both are so georgeously good looking! Eun Hye's wide barbie eyes and innocent look plus Ji Hwan's incredible handsome sex appeal makes their tandem box office winner!!!

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    @ iheartYEH

    really GMA has?!hope you take a picture of LTM billboard and share it here..! ;)..and hoping it will be shown during telebabad,I'm curious what series comes next when temptation of wife ends..

    LiE To Me
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    i hope YEH visits for the promotion of LTM here in ph...yipey~~!! ;) ;)

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    Im happy that it will aired LTM in the Philippines..I really love yoon eun hye..I am a Filipino fan..

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    i can't wait for LTM's airing here in the Philippines.. i'm so excited! :)

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    waaa! really gma has the rights to LTM! Ayus! haha.. Super excited.. I've watch it for like 7 or 8 times! Gonna watch it again for sure!

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    it does'nt matter if it's going to gma or abs..the good news is there going to show it in the philippines!yeheey!Love yoon eun hye!see you soon in our television set!hehehe!

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    don't you worry YEH addicts. wherever it will be shown either in ABS CBN or GMA, great thing is we'll be her greatest fan ever... =)

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    i think confirm na po.. accidentally na search ko sa wiki yung mga korean drama and nabasa ko GMA got the rights to aired LIE TO ME same with IRIS of KIM TAE HEE

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    also wanted to watch the tagalog dubbed version.already watched Lie To ME over and over and over again(maybe 4times already) ^_^

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    I'm not yet done watching Lie to me yet :worried: coz I'm so busy! Episode 5 already! :roll:

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    woah!I'm really excited to watch in Philippines...
    LTM will be aired next year on GMA7. It was already posted on GMA heart of Asia page on facebook.... :D tsk.tsk..
    so excited watch YEH unnie & KJH oppa...

    Saranghaeyo YEH unnie.
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    that would be great if YEH unnie will go to Philippines
    to have their promotion in Lie to Me
    if GMA have the capabilities to cater YEH here in Philippines..

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    I so want it in ABS!!! I miss Janelle's voice from Princess Hours... Haizzzz... :wacko:

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    done watching my fair lady.
    now starting to watch #LieToMe :))
    YEH you're so gorgeous :D

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    how do they rate the success of korean dramas in the Philippines when you see almost everybody including myself have watched it via net or... <T_T>

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    it was said that Lie To Me will be aired in the Philippines in the 28th of November in afternoon.. ;)

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    Yes. It will be aired on Nov. 28.
    And here I was thinking it will be aired next year. What a surprise!
    I'm excited even though i can't watch it on tv but i'm sure someone will post the episodes in the net with tagalog dub right? =D
    i'll make sure to watch it via the net just to know how they dubbed YEH unni's voice.

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    hope it wont be like they're dubbing an anime show... :worried: and who's voice they're gonna use cause i think andy's voice in coffee prince wont fit in Gong Ah Jung personality.. :???:

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