'My Fair Lady' First K-Drama To Be Exported To Mexico


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    KBS Media has signed a contract with a Mexico TV station to broadcast 'My Fair Lady'.

    Popularity of Yoon Eun Hye and her dramas are evident from many Spanish translated videos on internet sites (Youtube, Viikii, and etc.).
    And many of these fans are from Mexico.

    KBS media stated,
    "KBS 2TV drama, ‘My Fair Lady’ will be the first Korean drama ever to be distributed in Mexico."

    Source: Nocut News

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    Leez Omar

    Wow.. I'm so excited today after reading this.. =D
    Congratulations to our YEH and all MFL cast and crew!

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    this is awesome news...

    even though it was over 1 year ago but her popularity still remains the same...

    Yoon Eun Hye + Kang Ji Hwan = Coffee Couple
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    Cool....our YEH reach worldwide!! congratulation !!

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    Wow ! This was a good news !
    -- congratulations unni !
    - - - I'm sure Mexicans will like it !

    My world is a better place! BECAUSE YOU'RE IN IT !

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    She is The Real Hallyu Star! 8-) Love her, Love Yoon Eun Hye, Love young girl warrior!

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    Yoon Eun Hye drama is very popular
    and was translated into Spanish,
    in all the network sites such as Wikipedia..

    KBS claims, "My Fair Lady" was the first Korean
    export of MEXICO.
    KBS Media has signed a contract with a Mexico TV station
    to broadcast "My Fair Lady" as soon as possible~

    Wow! it is such a trilling and exciting news! YEH is
    being popular not just in asia but in other continent as well..
    We're so proud of you YOON EUN HYE! congratulations for
    this wonderful news~

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    I just say WOW! :lol:

    This is a great achievement for an actress from ASIA.. =D

    I agree she is indeed The REAL HALLYU STAR.

    More blessing in 2011 YEH!! Congratulations - you deserved it.... =)

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    YEH is really doing great, her benevolence is really paying of. She's really good hearted and a professional indeed that's why her efforts are being rewarded. Really, getting a long way to go. God bless you always YEH and congratulations to all the casts of My Fair Lady, cause I believe this wouldn't be possible without the impressive participation of the other casts so a big HURRAY to all of you!!!

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    wow solo falta saber en k cadena lo van a poner si es en alguna de las 2 grandes k tenemos en mexico representaria un verdadero peligro para el guion ya que suelen modificar a su antojo los programas k les llegan

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    Kristine B.

    Wow! Is this really true??? Sorry, registered late on this site. Yoon Eun Hye is really rocking the other parts of the world. She's not just popular here in Asia but is starting to be well know as well on those countries. Good luck to Yoon Eun Hye! More power YEH dongsaeng (hope my Korean is correct! I am older to you.).

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