Allure - Yoon Eun Hye Her Bedtime Story - March 2010

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    Yoon Eun Hye, Her Bare Face Was Also Pretty.

    Her Bedtime Story
    We met Yoon Eun Hye, not as a famous person with a glamorous makeup on, but as a natural person with a bare face. This was only possible because we are Allure.

    Scene 1- 07:00 pm

    Home, Sweet Home! Returned home after finishing the shooting schedule. Want to take off the fancy but heavy accessories, and immerse the body into the hot jacuzzi.
    Top: Miu Miu, Pants: Gucci, Rings are from the stylist's collection.

    Scene 2- 07:15 pm

    Skin feels suffocated from the thick makeup. After taking off the synthetic eyelashes, she puts the Eco Clean Balm To Oil Cleanser on the back of her hand. To avoid irritating the skin and to remove all the makeup, she puts the product on a makeup cotton ball and cleans it carefully.

    Scene 3- 07:30 pm

    After softly cleaning her body with the creamy bubbles created by the Body Recover Cream Shower, she uses the natural walnut grains from the Body Recover Gentle Polish to remove the dead skin cells on her arms and legs.
    Underwear: Yoon Eun Hye's private collection.

    Scene 4- 08:30 pm

    She uses the Phytoganic Essense to ease the tension of her skin, which has been effected by intense lights throughout the day. Because it's an organic product, it is gentle towards the skin and one can feel the moisture being absorbed by the skin. Then she puts on the Phyto Aqua Rich Cream on her face and neck to replenish and protect her skin from irritations.

    Scene 5- 10:00 pm

    Now till 2AM is when the skin is being replenished most vigorously. She decides to put on a mask before going to sleep. Should she use the Phyto Aqua Night Mask or the Age Free Dual Active Mask? Since it's possible that she'll fall asleep with the mask on, she decides on the Phyto Aqua Night Mask.
    Her Dress: 3.1 Phillip Lim.

    Behind the Scenes

    This was the first meeting between Allure and Yoon Eun Hye. There's always a bit of nervousness for any firsts. After 2 months of persistent efforts involving secret negotiations to cast Yoon Eun Hye, the reporter for the project was very nervous as well. We met her before the shooting.

    Actually, it's quite rare that a star meets the reporter to talk about the shooting plans, but she insisted a meeting beforehand to discuss the concept of the project. When we met her at a cafe in Chung Dam-Dong, she said that she's been thinking over the concept of the project, layouts, and photo poses as she took out a photo collection of Peter Lindberg.

    "I always seriously think over the project whenever I get asked to be a model for a brand. Am I really good enough to be a model for this brand? Is this something that I really use, and something that I can confidently tell the customers that it's a good product? Well, it doesn't fit my personality to just accept an offer to model for a brand just for money. I don't like lies and forceful fake acts. In case of Beyond products, I had previously felt that it was good for my skin. I would personally go to the shopping marts to purchase them and have used them." She then added that she will reveal her bare face in the Photo Shoot. Yoon Eun Hye's photographer, Choi Yong Bin also had high praises regarding her charm as a beauty model.

    "Normally, you know how people have certain expectations about a beauty model. She has to have a pretty face and a nice body...I think Yoon Eun Hye is a perfect model for such expectations. She has good skin and proportionally balanced face structure that makes her beautiful with just a bare face. Furthermore, because she has a pretty body line, it fits the image of the body care products."

    I recently worked with her on the Beyond Advertising project and it was so complete that I didn't need to do extra work later."

    The makeup artist who was involved in the project, Lee Ji Young also praised her and said that "Yoon Eun Hye is a complete professional. Because she did her own makeup during her younger days as a singer, she correctly understands makeups. She is apart from others when it comes to selecting colors and textures of makeup. And she is admirable the way she tries her best to work with the staffs during the Photo Shoot. She has a really good heart thinking about others and being considerate."

    Yoon Eun Hye showed her efforts to fully understand the concept of the brand that she models for, and worked hard to perfectly portray the image of Eco Beauty. Even though actresses all want to look pretty, Yoon Eun Hye said that her natural image is better this time, and asked us as a favor that we won't photoshop the images too much. Such honest charm made her more healthier and beautiful.

    source: Allure Korea translated by: kyung

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    Thank you so much jnccrs
    I'm very happy to see you active here =D

    This article assure me something I always believe that YEH doesn't just take all the deals offered to her
    So those who've been saying she should learn to say "No" for some provocative offers, I have a word for you... SHUT UP!
    YEH knows what she's doing. Have some faith in her, will ya?

    Ranting aside, I love what was said here
    She's definitely one of a kind ;)

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    yoon yeon young

    Thanks! =D But, where can I purchase these items? I live in the US. Please, help!! :cry:

    > Have Faith <
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    yoon eun hye is really beautiful..Beyond is so lucky to get eun hye as image model of there product.God bless!

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    Eun Hye, you are really one of a kind, indeed! I really love the way you answer all the questions from all your interviews. There were always honesty and humility. God bless you more. Saranghae, Eun Hye!♥♥♥

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    yoon Eun hye you're getting hotter and daring good luck but stay sweet and cute as you are =P

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