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    We want to maintain an open community here, but we do have a few general rules that everyone should follow.

    Please also note these rules may be modified periodically.

    Last updated on August 5, 2011.

    Also see the Content Usage Policy.

    There is zero tolerance for behavior that makes other members feel offended or uncomfortable. This is a community for Yoon Eun Hye fans and it's our goal to foster a friendly atmosphere.

    1. Always remain civil in your discussions and show respect to others.
    2. No profanity, name-calling, or threats.
    3. No bashing. This is a forum for YEH fans. Please don't post if you just want to bash her. There is a difference between constructive criticism and bashing.
    4. Repeated violations of any of these rules and willfull defiance of administrators or moderators can result in a permanent ban.

    2. POSTING

    1. DO NOT DOUBLE POST. If you are the last poster in a thread and you want to add more, edit your last post instead of adding a new post. If a mod is feeling nice, they will merge your posts, otherwise they may just delete double posts. Exceptions include splitting large image galleries or if the last post is yours but it's older than a week. Even in these cases, moderators will use their discretion and may merge double posts.
    2. REMAIN ON TOPIC. Within threads, please stay on topic. If you want to discuss another topic, post in the appropriate thread or start a new one. Off-topic posts can't be moved (yet) and will be deleted.
    3. NO SPAMMING. Examples include posts irrevelant to the topic at hand, one-liners that don't contribute anything to the topic, advertising, etc. Re-posting the same one-liners in different topics is considered spam. Please express in depth thoughts. Posting "YEH is the greatest!" or "I love YEH always" to every topic is not useful. It's nice, but clutters up the threads and contributes little to the conversation.
    4. DO NOT START DUPLICATE THREADS. When starting new threads, make sure a similar one doesn't already exist. Duplicate threads can't be merged (yet) and will be deleted.
    5. DO NOT QUOTE IMAGES. Remove image tags ([img][/img]) when quoting. Images slow down the page and if you're quoting, the image is already shown in the original post.
    6. POST IN ENGLISH. This is an international fansite and English is the designated language. We can't moderate posts in languages we don't understand. If you post in a foreign language, please provide translations.
    7. NO NET SPEAK OR LEET SPEAK OR aLterNaTe CaPs. Write your posts properly so that people can read them.
    8. USE THE THANKS BUTTON. Instead of posting just to say thanks. Posts that just thank people but don't contribute anything else to the topic will be deleted.
    9. INCLUDE SOURCES FOR IMAGES. Whenever possible, please include the original source of the images. Unless you are the originator of the image, a credit should always be included.
    10. When using image hosting services, please use one that doesn't strip or reduce image quality. is a good option.
    11. Do not use link-forwarders or file-hosting services that help you make money based on clicks. Such links will be deleted.
    12. POST LINKED THUMBNAILS. If you're posting large images or multiple images (more than 2 or 3), use linked thumbnails instead of posting the full images. Imageshack provides code you can easily cut and paste. This helps the page load faster and avoids giant scrolling pages filled with large images. This is to provide an optimal viewing experience for those looking for information. Violating this rule several times will result in your posted images being resized to thumbnail size permanently even if you're just posting a single image.
    13. DO NOT BUMP A THREAD. "Bumping" is when you post a reply to a thread in order to push the thread to the top of lists. You may be refering to a previous post or just want to get attention to your posts. Bumping for the most part is just clutter. Administrators and moderators may bump threads for important announcement but generally posts that only serve to bump a thread will be deleted.
    14. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE LONG CONTENT FROM EXTERNAL SITE. If there is YEH-related content from an external site, many times you can just link to it. If it's really long with many images, do not repost it, just link to the page. This is also being fair to other sites, who may not like that you are copying and pasting their content.
    15. CREDIT SOURCES OF EXTERNAL CONTENT. If you're copying or translating content from an external site, add a proper credit and link to that site. Be respectful to other sites.
    16. DO NOT REVERT MODERATOR CHANGES. If a moderator has made changes to your post because of a rule violation, do not undo those changes. You may remove notices about rule vioations that the moderator has added, but do not revert the changes they've made to your post. If you do so, the moderator may delete your post and/or issue a warning.
    17. DON'T DIG UP OLD TOPICS. Unless you actually have something meaningful to say or an actual update for the topic. People are simply digging up dead topics and posting redundant replies to pad their post count. These replies will be deleted.
    18. DON'T BE REPETITIVE. Short "me too" type of posts that just repeat what others have said are redundant. Please elaborate on your view or opinion. Also do not post the same thing into every thread like "YEH is gorgeous!" This is considered spam.

    3. TAGGING

    • Tagging rules removed - only moderators are able to add tags to topics now.


    1. Do NOT spoof your username and impersonate someone else! Doing this will be grounds for an immediate ban.

      This forum allows you use a "display name" that is different from your username. Your username must be all lowercase so some people may want to use a display name with capitals and spaces. However, do not ever change your display name to match someone else's display name.


    1. Do NOT start new topics in the Announcements forum unless you are an admin or moderator. You may reply to existing topics to express your opinion or give feedback but do not start new topics.


    1. Everyone has a different opinion about who YEH should be with. You may start shipping threads, but keep things respectful. Other people may not share your views, so do not try to impose your opinions on others. If you disagree, then don't participate in shipping threads! Do NOT bash other people just because they disagree with you.
    2. Do NOT bring shipping into other threads unless it has something to do with a drama's fictional characters or actual reported news.

    It's a slippery slope but if things get out of hand, we will not allow any shipping at all.


    1. Maximum of 5 lines (including image code).
    2. Each line of text should remain on 1 line.
    3. Font size for text cannot exceed size 3.
    4. An empty line still counts as a line.
    5. Do not add additional dividers or separators in your signature.
    6. Maximum of 2 banners/images and they must be on the same line.
    7. Maximum dimensions for each banner/image = 400 pixels (width) x 150 pixels (height).
    8. Maximum file size for each banner/image = 50KB (51,200 bytes).
    9. No videos.

    Side Note: There are signature limitations because large signatures are too instrusive and break the flow of the topic. We want to focus on the content of the posts, not the signatures. Large signature images also slow down the loading of the page.

    8. VIDEOS

    1. Do not publicly share videos posted in the Private Videos.
    2. Do not post inappropriate videos like adult-oriented and violent videos. This will result in a permanent ban.
    3. Do not start a new topic just for a video, unless there is no existing topic relevant to your video.
    4. Videos from our official channels will replace posted videos from other channels. Sorry, but we will favor our own channels on our own site.
    5. Do not use this forum to promote your Youtube channel, especially if you post the same videos as us and compete with us. Not every YEH video needs to be posted here.
    6. Do not post duplicate videos. If someone has already posted a video, don't post the same version again.

    NOTE: People who violate these rules on a regular basis (particularly the Posting rules) will never be promoted to contributor or moderator status, even if they've been a frequent poster for a long period of time.

    Please follow the Forum Rules and Content Usage Policy, thank you!
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    What can you get warnings for?

    1. Repeated violations of any of the rules above.
    2. Deliberate impersonation of another user by copying their display name.
    3. Any content or behavior that moderators and other members find very objectionable.

    When a member receives 5 warnings, they will be banned from the forums for 1 month. This temporary ban is triggered automatically after 5 warnings. Each warning expires after 1 month.

    Warnings will be rare, since moderators will be extremely lenient in giving out warnings and will often just notify people they are breaking certain rules. But when members repeatedly ignore rules and moderator notices, then a moderator will issue a warning.

    To receive a temp ban, a member essentially needs to get 5 warnings within a 1 month period. Given our leniency with warnings, you'd have to be engaging in ongoing and very objectionable behavior for this to happen. 99.9% of our members would never have to worry about this.

    How will I know I got a warning?
    You will receive an email at the address listed in your account when you get a warning. Every member can see their own warning status on the left side of their posts. If it is at 0%, it obviously means you have no warnings. Each warning will be 20% and 5 warnings will be 100%, resulting in a temporary ban as described above.

    What's the Warning Status under my username on my posts?
    This shows your warning status. If it's at 0%, you don't have any warnings and only you can see your warning status. However, if you receive a warning, your warning status will become visible to everyone.

    Do not discuss or complain about warnings on the forums. Warnings are a measure of last resort and if one is given, it's likely very justified. If you have an issue, you can contact a mod or myself privately. Do not discuss or complain about your warnings publicly. Doing so will merit further warnings or a ban.


    Users are able to report objectionable posts to moderators. This is simply a way to draw our attention to something we might have missed. Moderators will exercise their judgement in determining whether reports are valid and merit any action.

    Do not report posts just because you disagree with it! Only report posts that actually violate the Forum Rules.

    Please follow the Forum Rules and Content Usage Policy, thank you!
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    Wow even when you guys are trying to be strict you guys are still very lenient.

    If you get banned from this place you deserve it. Everyone is so friendly and help full in this place.

    <---- Sig by Yodya
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    MadRyn said:
    Wow even when you guys are trying to be strict you guys are still very lenient.

    If you get banned from this place you deserve it. Everyone is so friendly and help full in this place.

    Cheers and thank you MadRyn! My sentiments - exactly. The fan site is free for all of us under the expense of generous fan and his group whose time, resource and effort remain unpaid is only and definitely priceless. The least the members can help with is to be courteous, respectful, thus - do not steal from the site, overuse the site by posting mindlessly. Generally and thankfully , only a handful are borderline challenging while a whole number are pleasantly brainy and thoughtful. I hope we keep it that way. I dread the day when the admin/moderators will throw in the towel because of fan users' insensitiveness. God bless and peace to all YEH warriors. Oh then again, the warnings need not matter if not an offender.

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    The image sizing rule is being lifted. You are no longer required to post linked thumbnails. Although it is still highly preferred that if you're posting a large gallery of images, that you use linked thumbnails.

    Members who've had their images forced down into thumbnails will have that limitation lifted.

    The goal of this rule was page usability and faster loading (especially now that mobile browsing is increasing). But some members have been at odds with this rule because they prefer convenience. The primary reason for relaxing this rule is because I just don't have the energy to enforce it anymore. And it's not fair to have enforced it for some in the past and not now for newer posts so the rule is being lifted altogether.

    That's all, enjoy your visit. =)

    Please follow the Forum Rules and Content Usage Policy, thank you!
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