The Vineyard Man In Japan

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    So, an episode of Goong on Fuji TV has recorded the highest rating for an episode amongst the Korean dramas so far,and the average ratings of Coffee Prince so far has been better than You're Beautiful and Resurrection (Rebirth). I'm sure some of you guys who visit DC UNE knew that already =)

    But here's an interesting post on DC UNE today, about the Vineyard Man.
    White Rose who is in Japan posted a review of the Vineyard Man from a Japanese DVD site stating that it too is very well received in Japan. =) Nice to see many 5 stars^^
    The Vineyard Man actually has some mania fans in Korea, and some even consider this to be Yoon Eun Hye's best project. This actually happens to be my dad's favorite Yoon Eun Hye drama as well, haha. :lol:

    Review dated September 5th, 2008.

    The forgotten memory
    The unreachable (unobtainable) dream was here.
    I've watched the entire 16 episodes straight through during the summer break.
    I really think that this is the greatest love comedy.
    Is the leading actress Yoon Eun Hye a genius of an actress?
    I can't imagine that the person in Goong, The Vineyard Man, Coffee Prince are actually the same person.
    But her personality shines in all of her projects.
    There are scenes that make you cry and scenes that make you laugh everywhere,
    but the way the two of them naturally become closer and their love become deeper,
    it's really satisfying and romantic.
    The scene in which Ji Hyun and Taek Ki watches the fireflies in the mountain,
    is one of the most beautiful scenes of the project.
    The fact that there are no kissing scenes until the end,
    actually makes it even more interesting.
    Her opposite actor, Oh Man Suk is also a great actor.
    Whenever he appears on screen, I smile and can feel my heart all choked up.
    Goong, The Vineyard Man, and Coffee Prince will be forever loved as Yoon Eun Hye's earlier three projects.

    Source: White Rose @DC UNE

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    Strongly agree! This might be YEH's best project. I know you most of you may say Goong or CP.
    But I really love this drama... seeing it again make it my most favorite a little more than CP.
    That's the first Korean Drama that my mom said she loves watching it...
    Know what! I was really pleased hearing it. My mom like YEH's dramas. :lol:

    Thanks CDBloom

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    thanx cdbloom for the article. This is just my opinion, please don't get me wrong. But YEH should have a new drama o movie this up coming future. Since a lot of new comers flooded d industries n i know dat YEh is hallyu star but i really hope dats she work hard to maintain her status. Not only we had to refreshed all the drama history but also need to discuss a new drama. sorry YEH fan if my statement disturbing u all. YEH forever

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    i strongly agree...hhehe i love this drama...this is my second favorite after coffee prince..
    The ending was a total satisfaction..... =D

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    i agree also, the ending of The Vineyard Man, makes the whole story more beautiful...I hope that in my home country they can promote this drama as well, my sister is quite surprise when I told her that I am a YEH fan. I told her that Ms. Yeh portrays her role very effectively and makes her a drama queen....this is my second choice also.

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    thanks hyung for this article...

    she rocks Japan huh???

    and now she will also rock China as well

    Yoon Eun Hye + Kang Ji Hwan = Coffee Couple
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    Thank you CDBloom =D

    I personally loved all of YEH's drama but I really like her crying scene here at VM.
    very natural and true...
    I'll never forget her acting here...
    The scene were she's talking to the boy then suddenly she just can' stop crying.
    oh, how I loved that part. . .
    And the ending part, simple yet satisfying.
    You can see and feel how much they love each other. =)

    As I've said before, Yoon Eun Hye's talent leaves a mark on her every drama. =D

    평화 , 사랑과 , 행복
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    I think I have said this somewhere online but I'll say this again; I lurve, lurve Vineyard Man! I love the pairing of Taek-Gi and Ji-Hyun! Before I squeed at the chemistry between Ki Joon and Ah Jung, I was totally squeeing at TG and JH! One reason why I loved that 'bed scene' in LTM is because it reminds me of that second final scene in VM before the time jump where TG looks so at peace with his head in her lap. I loved the scene where TG and JH were trying to date but kept getting foiled by either the Grandpa or the boy! And I do think VM is a very much under-rated show. JH was unbearable at the beginning; being such a spoiled and pampered child but had to work on the grape farm with the purpose of inheriting it. And TG was such a man abt everything, not liking her girliness yet contending with her and then eventually falling in love. That camping scene! Man! Talking abt it makes me want to relieve all the beautiful scenes all over again!

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    i also love Vineyard Man. It is one entertaining and at the same time informative drama. I don't know why it was not well recognize but for me YEH's acting here is much better than Goong. Also, since this drama did not rate so well (though it is not a failure i know) because it was shown at the same time as a giant production, from then on i never believe in TV ratings anymore.

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    Same here, loved Vineyard Man. Actually I just started rewatching TVM.

    It's underrated because of Jumong which was getting 45%-50% ratings. I mean, there are some YEH fans that never even watched this drama. It's my favorite after Coffee Prince. Some people don't like TVM, simply because Oh Man Suk isn't as good-looking or popular as YEH's other costars.

    I felt the story of TVM never felt too contrived and the performances from the leads were great and things generally felt natural. You really see how each person evolves over the course of the drama, especially YEH's character. That's why I like TVM, Lee Ji Hyun is YEH's most dynamic character after Go Eun Chan.

    All my opinion of course.. =)

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    윤은혜 Agasshi

    me2 =D I love VM!!! actually i love all yeh's dramas =D bcuz i love YEH!!! hehe..

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    My Unni and her daughther's nanny have known Miss YEH because of TVM, and this is their favourite Kdrama. I just can't even describe how happy they were when KBS re-aired TVM and MFL last Aug-Sept 2010 here in Dubai, MON-TUE for TVM and WED-THU for MFL. :blush:

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    Now, I can say "I LOVE THE VINEYARD MAN"!
    I really regretted not watching TVM before. I was hesitant because of the male lead actor.
    But I learned my lesson and I'm ashamed of myself.
    I should not to be judgmental of a person. Not with the looks and one's occupation.
    The last 3 episodes of this drama really moved me. It made me cry.
    One of the best Kdramas ever! =)

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    Seo Jip San

    I just finished watching this! I really loved it! My favorite scene: all the villagers spraying pesticide in slomo! Actually I kind of cried in that scene! =P

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    yes this drama was good and I felt its better than MFL on the storyline.....genghis khan....

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