Yoon Eun Hye Will Holding Japan Fan Meeting on February 14 2012

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    oh my!! i love her voice... I MISS HER SO MUCH, please make a drama or movie soon.. :???:

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    yes i agree i love here voice,movie please yoon eun

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    Sweet voice! I just love it when I hear YEH singing even a bit of English lines. Feels like its easier to connect. No offense meant but the one playing the organ is kinda off. Good thing, YEH still managed to keep up. Thumbs up to that! =)

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    this one in high definition

    Yoon Eun Hye sings 2NE1’s “Lonely” at Japan FM 2012 in (HD quality)

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    Ed Bautista

    Ahh,,, that fan meeting.. I envy those who were there... I wish I have watched her and heard her sing and dance live... :(

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    FanMeet part 2

    video 1

    video 2

    Video 3

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    Ed Bautista

    Is this all or there is part three? Thanks for the links anyway. Look's like the room ambush is the closest we can get to how she is really in her house... Hahaha! Laughing the whole time watching that part... Especially, seeing her with the mask, ambush on the ref and trash bin and her pants on the floor... It's like seeing her as Chae-kyung (role at Goong) all along!!! HAHA! By the way, do you guys have any idea or at least have understood what was that in her bag the assistant is hiding from camera? That black item inside the transparent case? I've got curious on what are the stuffs inside her bag after seeing how filled it is all along.... She is soooo cute when she's shy... I loved her expressions... This also showed that it is very easy to sneak around Yoon Eun Hye!!! There were four persons in the room, only place to hide is one or two behind the Sofa and the table is so small for her not to see or notice someone is hiding under it!!! HAHAHA!!!

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    Yoon Eun Hye 윤은혜-Valentines Day Japan Fanmeet 2012 [COMPLETE] HD including 2NE1's lonely

    I guess to see the rest of the video of her singing, we have to buy the DVD when it gets out.

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    all shots taken from japan fansite..

    credit to: baidu

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