Yoon Eun Hye's Hairstyle Pictures Collection

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    white hairstyle

    blonde hairstyle

    curly hairstyle

    long straight black hairstyle

    pig tailed hairstyle

    pulled up hairstyle

    simple hairstyle

    elegant hairstyle

    wearing cap hairstyle

    short boyish hairstyle

    worst hairstyle

    if we look for beauty in ourselves,
    in others and in our lives, we will find it.
    YOON EUN HYE will always be an ideal girl to everyone,
    whether you're a girl or a boy..
    She possess a great personality and she has a lovable nature.

    Yoon Eun Hye is a kind of woman made for the camera!
    i mean.. damn! she can pull off any hairstyle!
    She is definitely so GORGEOUS..

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    I agree. She is beautiful inside and out.
    In-born talent!

    She is very cute and pretty on every
    pic you posted here @angelmhine.
    Thank You for sharing all these.

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    I lol-ed at your "worst" hairstyle pics :lol: Coz to me, the first 3 were really cute. Only the last one that i got the "Ermm..." feeling XD

    Thanks for sharing anyway =P

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    I actually think that she looks the best with just her normal combed to the side, long or short hair..

    I thought one of her best hairstyle was from 'She's O'live', very chic, elegant and natural..
    She also didn't have heavy makeup..I think she looks better with less makeup. =)

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    HAHAHA! The last photo was a major FAIL! :)) Although it's cute... in a way. Maybe because it's YEH :))

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    Haha, I think the last pic was on purpose, she has such a goofy look on her face.

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    hahaha ! I really like all of her pictures !
    --- what hair style, what she wears, where it was taken !
    --- as far as she's in the picture.
    ---- the last pic really made me laugh so loud !
    -- hahahah ! you're so so cute unni ! :lol:

    My world is a better place! BECAUSE YOU'RE IN IT !

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    the last pic was hilarious..i cant control myself to laugh.. :lol:
    but she's cute..haha

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    what a worst hairstyle!!!hahahaXD

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    yeahhhhh agreeedddd
    watever style she's putted on, it's fit her perfectly even somes looks weirdo kekekke but still cuteeeeee
    undeniable =D

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    *-* she is sooo beautifull :3

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    I can't help but laugh seeing the last picture. hahahaha :lol: =P

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    윤은혜 Agasshi

    Love her just the way she was,she is :roll:
    and i really really liked her red hair ..she looks so gorgeous with her hair like that =)

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    Leez Omar

    Oh my! the last picture is really hilarious... :lol:
    Yup, she looks more sophisticated with red hair.. really suits her..

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    zhyarmaine shin

    She's pretty amazing!! she looks good w/ any hairstyle..
    ..really beautiful^^
    ..but it's my first time to see the last picture.. ;)

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    i miss yooneunhye with all this pictures

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    i luv it i luv it i luv it......... :blush: thank you for the wonderful collection
    hahahaha the last picture was funny =D

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